Music festival app that helps users find their friends and customize their music experience.



Branding, UI/UX


Logo, research, mobile app prototype

Art Direction

Bradford Prairie, Sean Bacon


Nazare, Cocomat Pro


Feya is a new annual one-weekend music festival taking place in San Bernardino, CA. The event features musicians from many genres, including a mix of indie, dream pop, alternative and electronic. Four stages continuously host live music across Feya's grounds. The event gives over 50,000 music fans the opportunity to see their heroes. Feya's primary target audience is 20–27-year-old individuals, with incomes over $20,000 per year, who like indie music and have been to the festival before.


Feya offers a mobile app for festival attendees to enhance their experience before, during, and after the festival. In addition to basic features, the app offers users the ability to build their own schedule and easily follow it during the event. The app also offers navigational aids that help users connect with friends and find them on the festival map. The map also helps easily locate amenities and stages. Edgy, high-contrast typeface Nazare and a vivid, energizing color palette make the brand appeal to younger audiences.

User Persona

Custom Schedule

Users can build their own schedule and follow it during the festival. If a user has an open slot in his schedule, the app will only show artists playing during that time slot.

Interactive Map

The interactive map allows users to easily find and navigate to an amenity, stage, or friend at the festival.

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